What’s your resolution for the year? Oh my resolution? I always go by 4096 * 2160

  • Someone’s Dad

Yep. Go it. These jokes aren’t funny anymore. Hopefully I’m not going to make one. This blog post is (I hope) more valuable than that !

I’m taking new year resolutions seriously since 4 years now. And as far as I’m concern it’s working great. Today I wanted to explain a bit which rules I have setup over the years to help me to choose my goals. And how I keep myself focused on them.

Wanna try? Take a piece of paper and follow the white rabbit.

How to properly choose a goal

  • A goal should be something concrete, you’ll need to avoid abstraction as much as possible. For example you wouldn’t just choose “Loose weight”. You’ll need to think which path you’ll take to help you reach your goal. Instead a good objective could be something like “I want to practice bicycle regularly” or “I want to limit my fast food consumption”.
  • Do not choose to much objectives, you’ll need to focus on what’s important to prevent any scattering and motivation loss. A rules is to pick up less than 5.
  • A last rule, which may be obvious, is to ask yourself: Do I really want this? You’ll need to be sure of your motivation before starting. Dreaming is really different from living his dream. You’ll need to be sure that you really wanna reach your objective. Otherwise you’ll just waste time towards a fantasy.

How to stay focused

Now that you have choose your objectives, you’ll need something to make your efforts worthy, you’ll need a plan.

Let’s take again the bicycle example. In this case the plan would be to determinate a monthly hour quota that you’ll need to respect. You could say something: I want to perform 5hrs a week. Now your daily objective will be to make sure that you always follow your plan.

By splitting up the objective into something you do weekly or even daily you’ll keep motivations and make things easier because you’ll exactly know what you need to do and how much you’ll need to do. Your efforts start to make sense because they are done within a global vision.

My goals for 2020

Here’s my goals for 2020 and how I plan to achieve them:

  • 🚲 Practice sports regularly: I want to bicycle, swim and climb weekly. I will perform from 1hrs to 5hrs a week depending of the sport I will choose.
  • 🎹 Learn to play piano: I have always love piano and I have started to learn some music by hearth. This time I want things to be done properly and buy a piano and take online lessons.
  • 📷 Improve my photography skills: I really do love taking macro and portrait. I’m currently using my father hybrid camera. For this year I want to buy myself a DSLR and a lense for macro photography.
  • 🕴️ Make a successfully business idea: More details will come later…

That’s all for the moment, I wanted to write something different this time and I hope that it will help other folks who want to undertake yearly goals but lack of motivations.

Happy new year everyone ❤️