I wanted to write a quick off-topic article about the ongoing coronavirus pandemia since there’s a lof of false opinions and fake news on this topic.

This virus (SARS-CoV-2) is deadly and not really comparable to the flu, it is at least much more contagious. (We don’t know anything about the death rate yet, since the pandemia is ongoing). You shouldn’t treat it lightly.

Not staying home will cause a lot of deaths in the months to come because of the overwhelming of your country healthcare system. People will die because they are untreated. Please be nice to others and STAY the fuck at home, It’s not just for you, but for the whole world.

The incubation period is between 5 - 15days. So even if you have no symptoms, it doesn’t mean you’re not infected. You can be a danger for others without even knowing it. So again, stay at home no matter what.

You can prevent spread of the virus / self infection just by washing your hands, it’s really as simple as that! No needs to wear a surgical mask (by the way these masks prevent only infected people from infecting others, it doesn’t protect non-infected people from catching it).

One last thing, please think again before sharing the “magic tips to save your from the Coronavirus” you just saw on Facebook. There’s really a LOT of fake news going on (such as put your mask in a microwave, it will kill the virus and you’ll be able to reuse it!). A lof of people believe these stories and will put themselves in danger (along with the others people they will meet). Please only share informations that are coming from official sources such as the CDC.

Kurzgesagt has made a wonderful video about the subject, and I encourage everyone to watch it, you’ll have a lot of answers.

Remember, stay safe home guys.

Happy quarantine.

P-S: I’d like to thank the medical staff worldwide, you’re really the heroes of today.