How to setup easily ELK on a Docker Swarm

In this tutorial you’ll see how to take advantage of the ELK stack to set up a centralized logging mechanism for your Swarm cluster
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Docker swarm is not dead! (yet)

I have written an article on the provisioning of a Docker Swarm cluster from scratch and I have received a lot of comments stating that docker swarm is dead and that I should be moving to Kubernetes instead. What happened to docker? For those who were not aware, Mirantis (a cloud provider) has bought Docker enterprise in nov. 2019. Just after that, Mirantis has written a blog post to announce the news:
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Harbor: your own private docker registry

Since I have containerized my whole develoment workflow, from testing to production, I needed a docker registry to centralize my private images and ensure their deployment. I didn’t wanted to use Docker Hub or Github Packages because the images would be publicly available. Therefore I have started searching for existing private registry providers… What’s a docker registry again? In a nutshell, a docker registry is a server used to upload (push) & download (pull) docker images.
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How to expose Traefik 2.x dashboard securely on Docker Swarm

This article is part of a series about Docker Swarm. For the first article please check here. On this short tutorial you’ll learn how to deploy securely the Traefik built-in dashboard with HTTPS support and basic authentication system. This article assume that you have a working Docker Swarm cluster with Traefik running with HTTPS support. If not you can following this article to get started. Traefik 2.0 has introduced a brand new dashboard app that allows a quick view on the configuration.
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How to install Traefik 2.x on a Docker Swarm

I have recently migrated my production docker swarm from Traefik 1.7 to Traefik 2.0 and since I cannot found a good tutorial I have decided to write one. So in this tutorial you’ll learn how to deploy Traefik with HTTPS support on a docker swarm. Please note that I won’t explain what Traefik is since it may needs his own article and I will focus on the deployment and configuration. This tutorial will also assume that you have a working docker swarm.
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