You may have noticed that I haven’t write any blog posts since 1 month. I was focusing all my attention on my new Android application.

And today is announcement day! Let me present you Random Wallpapers !

What the hell is Random Wallpapers?

Random Wallpapers is an Android application designed to change your phone background randomly based on the things you like. Here’s how it works:

  • First of all you choose what you like from a list of categories: Cats, Dogs, Christmas, Flowers, and so on ❤️
  • hen you configure the refresh rate: for example you could say: I want my phone wallpaper to change every 2 days. 🕓
  • And finally you enjoy ! 😄

The application will then choose a random HD photo from one of your chosen categories and apply it as phone background.

Why should I use Random Wallpapers? Isn’t the Play Store already full of such application?

Good point. There’s a lot of phone background customization applications. But here’s why we are different from the others:

  • We offer only high quality (HD) photos.
  • We provide an easy to use product. We won’t ask you to choose photos. You only need to choose the things you like and start enjoying your new background. Each of them will be a surprise.
  • We are continuously adding categories. From celebration such as Christmas, new year, … To animals, cars, seasons, … Each category is unique. And if you don’t find what you like you can always fill a submission… 😇
  • You can like the photos your prefer the most and replay them by choosing the Favorite category.
  • We will keep adding new features. In the months to come you’ll be able to create custom categories with personal photos, such as photos of your wife, your kids, your family…

The pricing

First of all NO ADS, (I personally hate them) the only source of revenue of the application is the premium IAP (in app purchase). Let me explain:

You can use the application for free without any ads, but you’ll be limited. You can only choose from 6 categories (this could change in the future) and will be limited to a refresh rate of 3 days minimum. This means that If you want to change your screen let’s say each day you’ll need to pay.

The payment is 2.99 USD one time to unlock all categories and have a minimal refresh rate of 15mins. There’s no things such as per category payment or subscription. You pay one time and have everything for life.

So tomorrow, instead of buying a coffee, maybe you could pimp your phone like never before 😉


  • The application was named Pimp My Screen at first. But because of existing Trademark we have decided to rename it Random Wallpapers to avoid any legal penalty. This is why you’ll see the app sometimes refer as Pimp My Screen. This has change but could take some time to update.
  • If some of you are interested I could write a technical blog post about the design & architecture of the application. Just let me know 🤗

Happy hacking !