An unified package manager user interface

Funny experiment to make a unified package manager user interface
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Automatically make Snap package from source code.
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Let’s build a simple quotes application

One night I was feeling inspired and decided to read again all my favorites quotes on Google Keep while listening to music. And suddenly an idea just popped into my head: why not make a little mobile friendly application to view my quotes properly? And that’s where it started… The idea The idea was to build a simple quotes application where the user can view the quotes. I didn’t wanted to built something complex or innovative, I just wanted to build quickly something clean and working.
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Pimp your phone like never before !

You may have noticed that I haven’t write any blog posts since 1 month. I was focusing all my attention on my new Android application. And today is announcement day! Let me present you Random Wallpapers ! What the hell is Random Wallpapers? Random Wallpapers is an Android application designed to change your phone background randomly based on the things you like. Here’s how it works: First of all you choose what you like from a list of categories: Cats, Dogs, Christmas, Flowers, and so on ❤️ hen you configure the refresh rate: for example you could say: I want my phone wallpaper to change every 2 days.
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Supervisor: a host management solution

Back in 2015 I used to have a lot of devices connected to my LAN. There was my Minecraft server running on a Blade, my Plex server running on an old computer, my gaming computer, my laptop, a Promox single node running on another Blade and several Raspberry Pi used to monitor temperature, sensor activity, performing a DynDNS like synchronization, etc… Some of the devices were running continuously (such as the Pies because they consume a few amount of electricity) and some others were running periodically when I needed them.
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Building a fast modern dark web crawler

I have been passionated by web crawler for a long time. I have written several one in many languages such as C++, JavaScript (Node.JS), Python, … and I love the theory behind them. But first of all, what is a web crawler? What is a web crawler? A web crawler is a computer program that browse the internet to index existing pages, images, PDF, … and allow user to search them using a search engine.
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