Parakeet: an IRC log renderer

Generate beautiful HTML static files from IRC logs.
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Let’s build a simple quotes application

One night I was feeling inspired and decided to read again all my favorites quotes on Google Keep while listening to music. And suddenly an idea just popped into my head: why not make a little mobile friendly application to view my quotes properly? And that’s where it started… The idea The idea was to build a simple quotes application where the user can view the quotes. I didn’t wanted to built something complex or innovative, I just wanted to build quickly something clean and working.
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Go library to parse Maven POM file

I have recently written a little go tool that parse maven pom file to analyse dependencies between two projects in order to perform detailed analysis such as evolution of project dependencies, etc… After a bit of research I couldn’t find any existing parser for Go and therefore I have decided to write one. As XML parsing is supported natively in Go there is not much work to do: only declare the structure that the Go XML parser will use.
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Building a fast modern dark web crawler

I have been passionated by web crawler for a long time. I have written several one in many languages such as C++, JavaScript (Node.JS), Python, … and I love the theory behind them. But first of all, what is a web crawler? What is a web crawler? A web crawler is a computer program that browse the internet to index existing pages, images, PDF, … and allow user to search them using a search engine.
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terminews - a CLI based RSS reader

I recently got used to view informations using RSS. It allows me to ignore ads, distractions and to focus on the on the essential: having all the informations that I want in the same place. And it save a really consequent amount of time. Furthermore, I love the terminal, I like to use it excessively and I prefer It over GUI applications. That’s good because I’ve found a wonderful CLI application to read RSS: terminews.
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